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Paling Fencing Melbourne is the most common type of fence used in Australia. These fences consist of pales or sometimes even pickets, nailed to horizontal stringers between upright posts. The Paling Fencing Melbourne can be known as Paling or Paling Fence. These pales are supported by regular intervals which are driven into the ground for improved structural integrity.

The Paling Fencing Melbourne is very popular for a few reasons. Paling Fencing Melbourne are robust, they are very durable & last a long time. Paling Fencing Melbourne are cheaper to construct so works out very cost efficient. Paling Fences are a great way to fulfill your fencing requirement.

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Some Of Our Paling Fence Melbourne Work


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MFM_Paling_2 Paling Fence Melbourne
MFM_Paling_3 Paling Fence Melbourne

Why Use Paling Fencing?

Despite Paling Fencing Melbourne being one of the cheaper and more common fences used, there’s a whole heap of benefits. Paling Fencing is easier to work with, therefore its easier to install and maintain. The style of a Paling Fence doesn’t age with time, its a staple to our society and will always be recognised throughout communities. Another benefit to Paling Fencing is its very easy to alter whether you want to make changes, add onto it or alter the height. Broken and damage palings or sections are easy to replace. Some people love the look of the natural timber, however its easy to change the color just ask us how.

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